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Slater Bell Schedule

Tardy Woes

Late to school, late to class, 

teacher, please may I have a pass. 

It’s so important to rise and shine, be on time, ready to learn. 

When you are late and the bell has rung, 

lessons have started, learning has begun. 

Valuable information you have lost 

and other students also suffer the cost. 

Being late affects not only you, 

but all of your classmates and teachers too! 


Parents we need your help! The biggest discipline issue we deal with by far at Slater is with students who are late to school and late to class. It is so important for you and your student to make sure that you are getting to school on time. All students are allowed 3 excused tardies (per semester) with a note explaining the reason. After that, students are assigned detention. We had 218 tardies in August thru October alone! When a student is late to class, often they have missed very important information, including the learning objective of the day and the homework assignment for the night. As students enter the class late, it takes away from everyone in the room. 

Suggestions for getting to school on time are: 

► Organize all backpacks and things that need to come back to school the night before and set by the front door. 

► Choose the clothing you will wear and have it ready to go the night before. 

► Have a family plan for sharing the bathroom. Perhaps some family members can bathe the night before. 

► Set a bedtime that will allow for a good night sleep and ability to wake up when the alarm goes off. No pulling the covers over your head! 

► At this age, students should have an alarm clock of their own. Parents should assist in waking up the child. 

► If you drive your child to school, please leave early enough to allow for possible delays. We are here at 7 am! 

► If your child is staying up at night, remove temptation. Young people should not have access to cell phones, TV and computers in their bedrooms if it is interfering with falling asleep. 


Thank you so much for paying attention to this important issue and helping to get your student to school on time. Remember, we are helping them to learn a valuable skill. Being late to school is like being late to work.